Environmentally and Visually Friendly Solar Heating

A new generation of Solar Panels are at the forefront of an environmentally conscious re-development near Kilnsey Crag in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

When Tess & Kevin started work on their new home in the Dales, they wanted to limit their environmental & visual impact,
but also wanted a properly functioning family home.
Working with Bruce and Fiona at Ashburn Heating, a multi energy system linking Biomass from a Log Boiler with Solar Thermal from the latest flush fitting
Solar Panels which provide hot water directly in to the property. With the option to add further energy sources in the future, this system stores energy as heat;
available on-demand when required.
The addition of either a Ground Source or Air Source Heat Pump would be another future possibility.

Ashburn provide full design, specification and installation services and have developed over the last 30 years to become specialists in renewable and
traditional heating.

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in roof solar heating

Biomass Boiler Fitted in External Boiler Room

external biomass boilerNearly ready for transport to site, this PONAST Biomass Boiler is fitted into a self contained  steel Boiler Room.

Dropped on site, the boiler room is coupled into the heating system using High Performance Insulated Pipework and is then ready to go with some wood pellets in the hopper.

Of course once this is coupled into the heating system’s buffer tank, other options such as Solar Thermal, a Heat Pump or an ‘on-grid’ options such as gas or electricity can all be added.

self containedbiomass boiler

Another Old Oil Boiler Goes West

We are pleased that yet another old, inefficient, uneconomical OIL BOILER is now out of use.

And we are VERY pleased that our customers now have lots of hot water and a warm house.

Whether you want your boiler replacing or servicing …. give us a call

old oil boiler

Verner 13.10 Boiler Stove Fitted with Multi Energy Heat Store

Ashburn have fitted yet another Verner 13.10 Boiler Stove Heating System.

verner boiler stove


Ideally placed in a ‘living kitchen’ area, the 13.10 will provide background heat to the room, while producing a consistent supply of hot water and heating to the rest of the house.

The Heat Store is placed in the garage and has more than enough capacity to meet the household needs. with the facility to add solar thermal or heat pump options in the future if required.

Now it just needs the builder and decorator to catch up and finish off the surrounding work………….. smashing.

commissioning a biomass heating system