Whatever it takes to do a proper job

Fitting Log Stoves and Boilers isn’t the simple job it used to be!

There are planning conditions for the flue and positioning of your stove in the fireplace.

But will will overcome all problems and deliver a ‘proper job’ which will be safe and won’t let you down.

fitting a stove flue in old property

Yes – Real Heat Pumps Work Below Zero

Ashburn are a company with over 30 years experience installing and maintaining heating systems ……. we know what we are doing!

When we wanted to source a Heat Pump we looked for a real Heat Pump …… not a converted air conditioning unit.

We get asked:

  • Do heat pumps work when it is cold

  • Do heat pumps work below zero

Our Regulus CTC Enertec Heat Pumps operate down to minus22’c and can easily meet the demands of a minus10’c specified property.

We also demanded market leading controllers by Regulus, to make the most of the Heat Pump’s capabilities ………so that you get the very best system available.

Read more here: http://ashburnheating.co.uk/heat-pump-heating-systems/

CTC Regulus Heat Pumps are distributed by ABparts.co.uk

ctc regulus enertec heat pumps heat from thin air without eon

Press Release – What has this winter taught us about home heating?

Whether it is the rising cost of utility bills, the difficulty of dealing with faceless energy companies or environmental concerns; people’s thoughts are certainly more focused since the recent wintery weather reminded us how challenging the weather can be.
One of the first things people find when looking at ‘alternative’ or ‘off-grid’ heating options, is how confusing the options can be when they simply want heating and hot water ‘on-demand’ with as little fuss as possible.
So, we hope this short review will help give some clarity, but will also open people’s minds to some innovative and ‘different’ thinking.

PR march 18 confusion