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Non Domestic Biomass Heating – Grant Incentives

Do you need to heat Commercial / Business space?

We have a limited number of Verner A501 48kW Pellet boilers with self cleaning grates and built in 150kg pellet hoppers available, which are eligible for the RHI, Non Domestic Tariff.

What is the RHI Non Domestic Tariff?  This is a grant available from the UK Government, to incentive the up-take of renewable energy heating technology.


ponast boiler servicingAn example of the figures:

Tier 1 tariff, which allows up to 3,066 hours running time per year

Multiplied by the boiler size (48 Kw)

Provides a grant of £4,300 per year for the next 20 years


If you want to know more about this, or any of the other heating systems we provide – Biomass, Solar, Heat Pumps, Oil or Gas

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Figures are indicative and we can provide specific figures based on your circumstances

Heat Pump Heating Systems – Do you know how much you can save?

Are you considering a new heating system?

Now is the time to seriously consider a system using a Heat Pump.

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Typical example of the savings using a ground source system:


A medium/large size house using 30,000 KWH per year

Current tariff – (The amount you would receive under the Renewable Heat Incentive grant scheme) over 7 years £32,000

Typical system costs £20,000 average to £30,000 maximum


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Environmentally and Visually Friendly Solar Heating

A new generation of Solar Panels are at the forefront of an environmentally conscious re-development near Kilnsey Crag in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

Can I fit solar panels or a heat pump in the National Park? – A question we are asked.

When Tess & Kevin started work on their new home in the Dales, they wanted to limit their environmental & visual impact,
but also wanted a properly functioning family home.
Working with Bruce and Fiona at Ashburn Heating, a multi energy system linking Biomass from a Log Boiler with Solar Thermal from the latest flush fitting
Solar Panels which provide hot water directly in to the property. With the option to add further energy sources in the future, this system stores energy as heat;
available on-demand when required.
The addition of either a Ground Source or Air Source Heat Pump would be another future possibility.

Ashburn provide full design, specification and installation services and have developed over the last 30 years to become specialists in renewable and
traditional heating.

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We Install Heating Systems Using Heat Pumps

We install a range of Renewable Heating options, including Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps

Call us or pop in to our showroom to find out more about Renewable Heating and Multi Energy Heating systems


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