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Have you seen our new article in Aspire magazine –
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Which home heating option is right for your family?  

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Whether your family has a modern home or a traditional Dales cottage, home heating choices have never been so extensive … or so complicated.

Financial choices and environmental choices merge together to present an alarming and confusing picture. There is little wonder that many people simply opt for a basic replacement to their old boiler and only afterwards question whether they made the wisest choice. Ashburn Stoves and Heating is a local heating engineering company offering the full range of heating options, from Log Stoves through traditional Oil and Gas systems to cutting edge renewable systems powered by Heat Pumps, Solar or Biomass technologies.


To help focus minds, they have produced a short checklist:


  • Do you want low initial cost or longer-term savings?
  • Are you ‘on-grid’ or ‘off grid’?
  • Have you researched regulations that cover all new installations, including log stoves?
  • Are environmental concerns important to your family
  • Did you know that multi-energy systems and heat storage are now a reality?
  • Are you more concerned with aesthetics or efficiency?

Ashburn Stoves and Heating have the knowledge, expertise and experience, together with local knowledge of the planning systems to guide you through your decision making.

The options include:

Multi Energy Heat Stores

Heat stores are the key to your decision making. Multi-energy systems can avoid the need to replace an old boiler… it remains an occasional back up to a system which uses the most appropriate power source for your family’s circumstances, and helps protect their future environment.

Solar Thermal

Solar panels can be coupled into multi-energy heat-store system, so that the sun’s heat can be stored during the day for use at night. Flush fitting panels can be used on old and historic properties without compromising aesthetics.

Log Stoves and Boiler Stoves

Ashburn’s showroom displays a range of Log Stoves, Multi Fuel Stoves and Boiler Stoves, including the Romotop range with stone panels and tops which retain the heat and are an uncompromising artistic statement for any home.


Ashburn install and support Biomass heating systems across England, Scotland and Wales. Our experience and expertise is valued by home owners, businesses and housing associations.

Heat Pumps

Our CTC Regulus heat pumps are industry leaders, confidently offering a five-year warranty. Our heat pumps are monitored by the manufacturers engineers via the internet, to ensure you achieve optimum efficiency at all times. Combining a heat pump with solar PV on-site battery storage is an alternative to grid feed-in options.

Oil and Gas

Ashburn are experienced OFTEC Oil specialists – if you are off-grid and need a reliable, economical system. They are GAS SAFE – installing and servicing modern Gas Boiler Systems.

Home Heating – the options

Read our short leaflet quickly explaining the current options for home heating.

We know how hard it has become to make choices – balancing environmental and financial considerations, so we have put together a short flyer explaining the options.

heating options advice

Summer – Time to make sure you stay warm and stay safe when it gets cold again

Smashing hot weather …. but the colder evenings will suddenly catch up with us ….. are you ready?

Every year we try and prepare for the sudden rush of requests for heating servicing and repairs as the nights suddenly get that bit colder, but every year we still get plenty of last minute calls.

People often don’t appreciate the safety concerns that faults and overdue servicing bring with them.

Below is a handy list of links for advice on Gas Safety,  Biomass / Solid Fuel and Oil Safety.

We are happy to take bookings for servicing, immediately or for later in the year MORE>>>


gas safety
oil boiler heating
hetas safety


Is it time for a new boiler

Do you currently have one of these? | But would rather have a new one of these?

To make sure your heating system is properly serviced or repaired in time for the Autumn – Contact us now and book an engineer

Or perhaps you would rather find out more about our range of Renewable Heating options

About Renewable Heating  |  Solar Thermal Heating  |  Heat Pumps For Ground and Air Source Heating  |  Biomass Boilers


solar thermal heatingSolar Thermal

Solar thermal heating systems use heat energy from the sun to increase the temperature of the liquid within the solar panel.

This liquid is then pumped through a heat exchanger within a water tank (sometimes called an accumulator), transferring the collected heat to the water in the tank for your hot water needs. 




heat pump heating systemsHeat Pumps

CTC Regulus Heat Pumps are in effect a fridge in reverse. They capture heat from the air (air source pumps) or from the ground (ground source pumps), passing that through heat exchangers into the heating system. To do this they do use electricity, however the cost to gain ratio is very positive.





biomass heating systemsBiomass

Our range of Biomass Boilers fall into three broad types; automatic pellet boilers, log boilers and boiler stoves, together with some further options for heating commercial space