Underfloor Heating from a Heat Pump

One of our current projects involves installing underfloor heating to a new barn conversion.

fitting underfloor heating

Once the builders have installed the Kingspan insulation and a membrane, we lay a continuous circuit of pipework which will then be covered in concrete.

This labyrinth of pipework all  leads back to a control mainifold where the flow can be balanced throughout the house.

In this property the system will then be linked to an Air Source Heat Pump located outside. Air source heat pumps extract latent energy from the air and convert this energy into heat. An alternative would a a Ground Source Heat Pump, extracting heat from the surrounding land.

Pipework and parts are all supplied by ABparts.co.uk


Yes – Real Heat Pumps Work Below Zero

Ashburn are a company with over 30 years experience installing and maintaining heating systems ……. we know what we are doing!

When we wanted to source a Heat Pump we looked for a real Heat Pump …… not a converted air conditioning unit.

We get asked:

  • Do heat pumps work when it is cold

  • Do heat pumps work below zero

Our Regulus CTC Enertec Heat Pumps operate down to minus22’c and can easily meet the demands of a minus10’c specified property.

We also demanded market leading controllers by Regulus, to make the most of the Heat Pump’s capabilities ………so that you get the very best system available.

Read more here: http://ashburnheating.co.uk/heat-pump-heating-systems/

CTC Regulus Heat Pumps are distributed by ABparts.co.uk

ctc regulus enertec heat pumps heat from thin air without eon

Heat Pump Heating Systems – Do you know how much you can save?

Are you considering a new heating system?

Now is the time to seriously consider a system using a Heat Pump.

heat pumps installed


Typical example of the savings using a ground source system:


A medium/large size house using 30,000 KWH per year

Current tariff – (The amount you would receive under the Renewable Heat Incentive grant scheme) over 7 years £32,000

Typical system costs £20,000 average to £30,000 maximum


Heat Pump Catalogue



Did you know we used to be called Dales Heating?

There will be many people out there who remember our technical manager, Bruce Mills as ‘Dales Heating’

Bruce ran Dales Heating for over 30 years, serving homes and businesses throughout the area with first class Central Heating Installations, Boiler Servicing and Repairs.

ashburn heatingBruce now manages Ashburn Heatings technical services, from design and specification through to installations, not only of Gas, Oil and LPG systems but now including a range of renewable heating options including Biomass, Solar Thermal and Heat Pumps.

If you need boiler servicing give us a call, or if you would like to discuss the full range of heating options; arrange to call in to our showroom for a chat.