2021 – Huge Growth in Renewable Heating

2021 will see a further huge growth in the take-up of Renewable ‘Green’ Heating

Unprecedented demand means you may well have to wait for your work to commence, delaying both new-build and renovation / conversion projects


biomass boiler fitted

This warning comes as demand for new systems driven by the Governments ‘Green Deal’ has taken the industry by storm at a time when Covid 19  restrictions have inevitably slowed the pace at which companies can operate.

Ashburn Stoves & Heating is a company that switched to fitting renewables at an early stage, benefitting now from considerable experience and expertise, their services are in high demand.

Bruce Mills Ashburn’s technical manager quoted their orderbook as ‘excessive’ through this winter and spring. ‘the lead time to find and develop new engineers is longer for us than traditional Gas based engineers. Renewables are a whole new technology that require a whole new set of skills. Our expectation of our engineers is very high.
We strongly advise anyone considering a project which includes Renewable Heating to contact us as early as possible. We can make sure your project is in the diary and we can secure the necessary parts and components before the inevitable price rises this winter.