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We are heating engineers – We design, install, service and repair biomass heating systems

Automatic Biomass Boilers

biomass heating

We design, specify and install Biomass heating systems, our engineers are renewable heating specialists.
Our range of Biomass Boilers fall into three broad types; automatic pellet boilers, log boilers and boiler stoves, together with some further options for heating commercial space.


Ashburn are UK importers and distributors for Verner and Ponast boilers, together with Regulus systems. Regulus are synonymous with quality engineered renewable heating systems across Europe.

Biomass heating can provide stand alone options, or can be combined with other energy sources to form an intelligent Multi-Energy heating system.

gassification biomass boilers

Gasification Boilers

High efficiency Gasification Boilers burn logs, wood and other renewable combustibles
Simple in concept yet incorporating advanced engineering, our gasification boilers are reliable, efficient and economical.

boiler stoves

Boiler Stoves

Boiler stoves are essentially a log or multi fuel stove incorporating a back boiler.
Traditional though this concept is, modern engineering has helped develop boiler stoves which are highly efficient, economical and visually range from traditional to ultra-modern designer fires meeting anyone’s requirements.

biomass boilers

Automatic Pellet Boilers

With an engineering pedigree that has been developed providing heating in the coldest parts of Europe, our automatic pellet boilers incorporate the most up-to-date monitoring and control technology.
Modern pellet boilers can be fed from hoppers or pellet stores and can be controlled via smart phones if desired.

biomass cycle

About the biomass cycle

Trees lock carbon from the atmosphere as they grow

Turning the wood into pellets and burning in a biomass boiler creates energy (heat) - carbon is released back into the atmosphere.

Trees lock carbon from the atmosphere as they grow

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