Biomass Boiler Fitted in External Boiler Room

external biomass boilerNearly ready for transport to site, this PONAST Biomass Boiler is fitted into a self contained  steel Boiler Room.

Dropped on site, the boiler room is coupled into the heating system using High Performance Insulated Pipework and is then ready to go with some wood pellets in the hopper.

Of course once this is coupled into the heating system’s buffer tank, other options such as Solar Thermal, a Heat Pump or an ‘on-grid’ options such as gas or electricity can all be added.

self containedbiomass boiler

Another Old Oil Boiler Goes West

We are pleased that yet another old, inefficient, uneconomical OIL BOILER is now out of use.

And we are VERY pleased that our customers now have lots of hot water and a warm house.

Whether you want your boiler replacing or servicing …. give us a call

old oil boiler