Hot Stuff – Multi Energy Intelligent Heat Bank

We are more than a heating and plumbing service We Link renewable and traditional heating alternatives together into one viable solution Our ‘Hot Stuff’ Multi Energy Intelligent Heat Bank collects energy at optimum times and costs – to provide controllable heat on demand when you need it. Create YOUR  mix Off-Grid Biomass Off-Grid Solar Thermal Off-Grid ……………….

Solar Thermal Heating

We design, specify and install Solar Thermal heating systems. We use REGULUS Solar Thermal Panels – either retro fitted or flush fitting, in-roof advanced panels. We have fitted these panels to old, historic buildings and within a National Park. Solar thermal heating systems use heat energy from the sun to increase the temperature of the liquid ……………….

Heat Pump Heating Systems

We design, specify and install Heat Pumps and complete systems – Get heat from thin air Heat pumps are in effect a fridge in reverse. They capture heat from the air (air source pumps) or from the ground (ground source pumps), passing that through heat exchangers into the heating system. To do this they do ……………….

Biomass Heating Systems

Biomass Boiler servicing and repairs We design, specify and install Biomass heating systems, our engineers are renewable heating specialists. Our range of Biomass Boilers fall into three broad types; automatic pellet boilers, log boilers and boiler stoves, together with some further options for heating commercial space. Ashburn are UK importers and distributors for Verner and ……………….