Choosing a Renewable Heating System

How to choose a heating system




Which home heating option is right for your family?

Whether your family has a modern home or a traditional Dales cottage, home heating choices have never been so extensive or so complicated.

Financial choices and environmental choices merge together to present a confusing picture. There is little wonder that many people simply opt for a basic replacement to their old boiler and only afterwards question whether they made the wisest choice.

  • To help focus minds, consider these points:
  • Do you want low initial cost or longer term savings
  • Are you ‘on-grid’ or ‘off grid’
  • Have you researched regulations that cover all new installations, including Log Stoves
  • Are environmental concerns important to your family
  • Did you know that ‘smart’ multi-energy systems and heat storage are now a reality
  • Are you more concerned with aesthetics or efficiency

Ashburn Stoves and Heating have the knowledge, expertise and experience, together with local knowledge of the planning systems to guide you through your decision making, including:

Ashburn install and support Biomass heating systems across England, Scotland and Wales. Our experience and expertise is valued by home owners, businesses and housing associations.

We install air and ground source Heat Pumps by CTC and Domusa.

Solar Thermal panels heat water while Solar PV produce electricity.

Ashburn install Log Stoves, Multi Fuel Stoves and Boiler Stoves.

Heat Recovery systems ensure that the heat you produce is directed to the right place in your home at the right time.

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