Gas Boilers Need to Go – Our Biggest Energy Issue Identified

gas boiler fumes14% of UK greenhouse gases come from our homes, a similar level to emissions from cars.


The UK will not meet its climate change targets without a revolution in home heating, a think tank says.

A report from the cross-party Policy Connect says gas central heating boilers also threaten the UK’s clean air goals.

But a poll conducted among MPs suggests that most do not consider pollution from home heating to be a priority.

That is despite the fact 14% of UK greenhouse gases come from our homes, a similar level to emissions from cars.

In major cities gas boilers are also a main source of nitrogen dioxide emissions.

The government wants low-carbon heat systems to be standard for all new homes built after 2025.

But that will still leave the vast majority of existing homes in the UK with polluting heat systems.




Gas boilers face ban from next year – Boris Johnson issues new green initiative

GAS boilers are to be banned from all newly-built homes from next year under a major Government effort to “go green”.

Ministers will rush forward the deadline for outlawing central heating systems based on fossil fuels, previously set for 2025. The measure was announced last night in a wide-ranging package of proposals designed to signal Boris Johnson’s commitment to protecting the environment ahead of next week’s Tory conference in Manchester. It is designed to help the country reach the target of zero carbon emissions by the middle of the century.




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