Getting Your Heating Plans Back On Track

It may be some weeks yet before things start returning to normal, but we know many people need to continue developing their building and heating system plans as soon as possible.

We recommend talking to us now so that those plane can move forward as quickly as possible once circumstances allow.

  1. Collect all your information together now – your property information, plans or drawings and EPC
  2. Contact Ashburn to arrange a discussion with our project manager and technical manager, either by phone, conference call or video call – to help them understand your needs and what you want to achieve
  3. We will provide an initial ‘Bare Bones’ report giving the possibilities, the impossibilities, likely costs and benefits and a timescale. (there is no charge for this report or any commitment to proceed)

Items 4 & 5 may need to occur after CoronaVirus lock down ends

4. Should you wish to go ahead with the work we will provide a full site survey and report including a detailed quote for the work.

5. Work will be undertaken as soon as circumstances allow


Contact us: 01282 841500 –