Keeping your heating and building project progressing – forward planning

At Ashburn we are well aware of the difficulties that current restrictions due to Corona-Virus are creating for building projects and heating installations.

As well as our work for clients coming to a halt, our own building project for our move to a new showroom, renewable heating center and cafe have all gone on hold – we know what you are going through!!

We have put together the following check list to help you make those important decisions now ready for the up-turn:

  1. Any heating installation, especially where other building work is taking place on a property, needs properly planning. Undertaking this planning now via phone / email or video link can ensure your plans progress as quickly as possible:
  2. You may require planning consent or to comply with complex building regulations
  3. The company providing the electric grid in your region may need to give permission for heat pump or solar installations
  4. You may require an up-to-date EPC (Environmental Performance Certificate) for the property
  5. The equipment you need will need to be available when you need it from the manufacturer, who will also be effected by current issues. We can create a project time-line and work with our suppliers to plan for this

We have a new project manager on board – Dave Ridler who will work with you, your other contractors and our technical director to progress your project.

We recommend you talk to us now whatever stage your plans are at; we have a large volume of work on-hold and will work with all our clients new and old to make every job a success.


Bruce and Fiona

01282 84155

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