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Ashburn Heating are your local installers for Regulus | CTC | Domusa Heat Pump heating systems.

We install Air Source, Ground Source or bespoke systems such as water source

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Heat Pump HeatingWe design, specify and install Heat Pumps and complete systems

Heat pumps are in effect a fridge in reverse. They capture heat from the air (air source pumps) or from the ground (ground source pumps), passing that through heat exchangers into the heating system. To do this they do use electricity, however the cost to gain ratio is very positive.

Heat pumps can operate as stand alone systems or in conjunction with other energy sources, such as Biomass or Solar Thermal. Traditional energy sources such as gas, oil or LPG can also be part of an intelligent multi energy heating system.

We are MCS approved to commission renewable energy heating systems.

“Where can I get a Heat Pump fitted”

“How can I get a Heat Pump fitted”

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Our engineers install CTC Regulus & Domusa Heat Pumps including remote monitoring and calibration via WiFi

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