Working from a green home

What are the renewable energy challenges when working from home Some thoughts from Ashburn’s Renewable Heating team For many people working from home will be the future ‘normal’ …….. but there are implications which need to be factored in: Where and when your home is heated may change the costs calculations for type of heating ……………….

Change of Address

Ashburn Stoves & Heating are on the move We are moving to a new purpose built showroom, offices and warehouse at the Old Moorcock Inn on Blacko summit. Stage one of the refurbishment was completed before August bank holiday weekend, when we opened Hamish’s Café  –  part of our new Renewable Heating Centre; a place ……………….

Renewable Energy News

We have recently had a number of news updates regarding Renewable Energy that we thought you may find interesting: Source Energy Live News: National Grid is expected to trial the use of Hydrogen to replace Gas for home heating by 2022 37.1% of the UK’s electricity was supplied by renewable energy last year It is ……………….

Renewable Heating Demand Is Increasing

Demand for information about Renewable Heating options is growing every week. People are demanding more environmentally friendly, independent forms of heating in their home or business. Today’s information going out to customers If you would like more information or advice contact Ashburn Heating’s project manager Dave Ridler 01282 841500