Non Domestic Biomass Heating – Grant Incentives

Do you need to heat Commercial / Business space?

We have a limited number of Verner A501 48kW Pellet boilers with self cleaning grates and built in 150kg pellet hoppers available, which are eligible for the RHI, Non Domestic Tariff.

What is the RHI Non Domestic Tariff?  This is a grant available from the UK Government, to incentive the up-take of renewable energy heating technology.


ponast boiler servicingAn example of the figures:

Tier 1 tariff, which allows up to 3,066 hours running time per year

Multiplied by the boiler size (48 Kw)

Provides a grant of £4,300 per year for the next 20 years


If you want to know more about this, or any of the other heating systems we provide – Biomass, Solar, Heat Pumps, Oil or Gas

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Figures are indicative and we can provide specific figures based on your circumstances