Press Fit Pipework – why we use it

Bringing Heating Installations Up-To-Date

Renewable heating options are becoming more understood and benefiting more properties than ever. At Ashburn Stoves & Heating we are also analysing the whole installation process to ensure our systems offer the best that a combination of time-served experience and modern technology can bring.

Ashburn’s technical manager Bruce Mills has been fitting heating systems into new and old/sensitive properties in the Yorkshire Dales for over 30 years. He is a time served engineer who understands ‘how things work’ and ‘why we do it like this to achieve the best job’ but he is also open to change and new technologies …. he does though need convincing!

Ashburn have adopted Renewable technologies from this perspective; we install well engineered, well designed and specified systems and are also valued by other installer companies for our advice and expertise.

It was therefore with some trepidation that we asked Bruce to consider ‘Press-Fit’ pipe fittings for our copper and stainless steel pipework.

Bruce regards the ability for an engineer to quickly and safely produce hot soldered joints, to be a fundamental skill …. sadly now a dying art with the advent of plastic pipe on cheap gas heating systems.

we use press fit pipework

What is Press-Fit pipe work?

Press-Fit pipe work fittings for copper and stainless steel are metal fittings engineered to fine tolerances, which are then applied to the pipework using compression tools which themselves are precision engineered equipment.


What are the benefits of Press-Fit pipe work?

  • Joints are right, first time every time, the life span of the joint matching that of a traditional hot solder joint.
  • In many old properties or properties where the possibility of fire makes hot soldering into a significant risk; press-fit joints offer a first class installation without using blow torches.
  • Environmentally, press-fit has none of the environmental or health concerns associated with solder.
  • The joints are similar in appearance to traditional joints




What are the down sides?

We have struggled to find many downsides. There are some circumstances where access is tight and makes fitting press-fit difficult. But we are nothing if not ingenious and persistent.

Cost is the only significant cost to ourselves, the compression tool being very expensive; and we need one on every job! However the costs to the customer are no higher as the speed of joint fitting reduces our time on-site.


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TRADE: If you are an installer and would like to benefit from our buying power and purchase press-fit fittings from us, please contact us on 0845 5390364