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We are heating engineers – We design, install, service and repair renewable solar heating systems

Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps

We design, specify and install Solar Thermal heating systems.

We use REGULUS Solar Thermal Panels – either on-roof or flush fitting, in-roof advanced panels.
We have fitted these panels to old, historic buildings and within a National Park.

Solar thermal heating systems use heat energy from the sun to increase the temperature of the liquid within the solar panel.
This liquid is then pumped through a heat exchanger within an intelligent heat store (An insulated water tank sometimes called an accumulator or buffer tank), transferring the collected heat to the water in the tank which is then available ‘on-demand’.

Often installed as part of a ‘multi-energy’ system which combines a number of energy sources into a balanced system which fits your need.

Modern, efficient Solar technology offers real options for home heating.

Solar PV

Solar PV panels generate electricty from sunlight.

The energy generated can either be used as it is produced

Stored in on-site batteries similar to those used in electric cars

Fed back into the national grid for which a payment is made to the owner

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SOLAR - More information & fact sheets

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